The City and Horses – Dum Dee Dum (featuring Katie Costello) by Paper Garden Records

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“The singer-songwriter behind the City and Horses refers to himself merely as Marc, hinting at the breezy informality of his indie-pop tunes. Unassuming as it might seem, though, the Brooklyn outfit’s debut, I Don’t Want to Dream, is both wise and disarmingly wistful.” – TIME OUT NEW YORK

“The City and Horses is singularly-named Brooklyn songwriter Marc, whose aching, strummy indie-pop could be described by a lesser ear as twee. Not us, Marc! We prefer to focus on the literary bent, the folksy thrust, the chamber strains. His sound may be sweet, but it’s not precious by a mile.” –

The City and Horses will never be discovered. While it may be the title track and name of their new album, “We Will Never Be Discovered”, it also represents something bigger than that for the act. Preferring the shade of obscurity, The City and Horses, led by a disheveled children’s television producer named Marc, take comfort in being a hidden musical gem. Aurally, they could be classified as some combination of lo-fi indie-folk pop. Introspectively, they are magnificent, breathtaking, wonderful, mind-blowing and a little bit peculiar.

Originally from NYC, the band received much acclaim on their debut album I Don’t Want to Dream, including reviews from Time Out New York, The Big Takeover and a wide variety of blogs including RCRDLBL, Stereo Killer, and many more. They have been compared to Teenage Fanclub, Jonathan Richman, The Velvet Underground and Orange Juice. Yet, their appeal is quite simple — they make jangly, well-crafted pop songs with quirky, intelligent lyrics and quickly hummable hooks. And that’s that.

Yet, unlike other contemporary indie bands, The City and Horses hope to remain in the shadows behind their meaningful and melodic tunes. In this spirit, the band would rather hide away in Thai restaurants regretting the wild nights they’ve never had than play shows. While their image remains behind the scenes, their clandestine spirit has tantalized listeners and led to random friendships with Donnie Wahlberg, Charlyne Yi and Man Man. Their presence online even garnered them placements in the indie film “Paper Heart” and in an advertisement for the Jessica Simpson Collection. Look out for more of The City and Horses soon, including their new album, “We Will Never Be Discovered,” on Paper Garden Records and an upcoming music video extravaganza by French pop artists, le contremaître et sa contremaîtresse.


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