Taken from the Sweatson Klank ‘Then I Was Me’ EP out Now on Friends of Friends Music.
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Sweatson Klank ‘Then I Was Me’ EP October 13th, 2017 (FOF MUSIC)

Los Angeles producer Sweatson Klank returns with Then I Was Me, an EP of sentimentally-driven, sunshine-soaked hip-hop. Following releases and remixes for Alpha Pup, Warp, Ghostly, Project Mooncircle and more, Sweatson Klank – the alias of Tom Wilson – joins the Friends of Friends family, a natural home for the local veteran and his unique brand of carefully crafted hip-hop meets R&B.

Then I Was Me captures Wilson in reflective mode, distilling life experiences into music and letting emotions guide the sounds. On ‘Smile’, grandiose strings are contrasted against a delicate melody, layers of rhythm providing a gentle forward traction. ‘Empty Your Soul’ is equally restrained yet direct, dub ideas melding with a driving beat for a hypnotic ride. ‘Strung Out’, featuring Houston’s King of Nothing and Brooklyn’s Maralisa, is the EP’s emotional center: a beautiful, slow and bluesy duet soaked with tension that channels the idealistic and brutal realities of relationships. Holding on to the emotional energy, ‘June 18th’ updates some classic r&b vibes with choice samples, bass-heavy rhythms and sweeping melodies. It all comes back down to earth with ‘Holding Me’, a throw back to Wilson’s hip-hop roots with an irresistible, loose head-nod and soothing pads that wash over your soul.

The five tracks on Then I Was Me give an insight into Sweatson Klank’s next album, his fourth, which will come in early 2018 via FoF.

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