City Lights (feat. Kamei) SAILORWAVE II now available by ✿ MACROSS 82-99 ✿

❤ Kamei ❤


from back in the day
to back in today
dancing with the sailor wave
so easy to shake (yeah)
magical boys and girls
from all around the world
making moves with the vibe today, never bored
never quit the dance floor
dance with your heart full of love
play your part from the core
every smile you score
points to destination that you dreamed for
we all are everywhere
thanks to the interweb
without it I am sad
so please connect
everywhere wifi
but I try
passcode don’t match
damn why? again
and now I’m connected
now I can get it
not feeling neglected by you
and now I’m connected
my friends now can get me
take me away with my crew

take me away
so I can find my way
love stay
but everything else goes away
ok, ok
make me fly through the skies
see the stars bright light that won’t hurt my eyes
shining through my mind made me smart like einstein
sailor light
sailor wave make you dance all night


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